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What is a Troche?

With the rising popularity of Hormone Replacement Therapy in recent years, troches are becoming an important and convenient method of administering many different medications. One of the most popular uses for troches are natural hormone replacement therapies.

But what exactly is a troche and what are the benefits? 

What is a troche?

A troche is a small lozenge designed to dissolve between a person’s cheek and gum over a period of time; typically 30 minutes. As the troche dissolves in the patient’s mouth, the medication is absorbed through the oral mucosa and gradually  absorbs into the blood stream. Troches are commonly used to administer bioidentical hormones in a patient, and can be flavored to mask bitterness, if needed. Some of our most popular flavors are tangerine, vanilla, and peppermint.

What are some reasons a patient would benefit from using troches?


Better absorption
When used in hormone replacement therapy, the hormones in a slowly dissolving troche are absorbed more gradually into the blood stream, resulting in physiologically natural hormone blood levels.

Problems swallowing pills
For individuals who have difficulty swallowing pills or capsules, compounding medication into a troche is an excellent alternative to receiving your medication orally.

Difficulty with creams
Since skin types can have extreme variations in thickness, water content, and fat content, the absorption of medicated creams and lotions through a person’s skin can be very unpredictable, especially at menopause. Placing medication into a troche is a superb alternate option.

Alternative to suppositories
Vaginal suppositories can be an effective option for medication delivery in hormone replacement, especially when the hormone is meant to be exposed directly to the tissue of the vaginal wall,  but there is little convenience to utilizing these over medicated troches when the goal end result is higher levels of hormones throughout the body. Some downsides to using vaginal suppositories include exposure to a partner during intercourse, lost medication from leaking, and lack of higher dosages.

Due to the many advantages in convenience, effectiveness, and consistency, we recommend troches as an alternative delivery system for hormone replacement therapy for both women and men.

For additional information about troches, please give us a call or stop in the pharmacy and talk to one of our highly trained compounding pharmacists!