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Forty-seven-year-old Deann feels like she is losing her mind to exhaustion, mood swings and sleep disturbances. Her doctor suggests that she replace her hormones with bioidentical hormones, the same ones that her body produces naturally. The hormones are compounded and mixed in a cream base and applied to the skin. "This is an individualized style of medicine, and it's unique to you," her doctor explains.

Deanne accompanies Robin McGraw, author of What's Age Got to Do with It? and also Dr. Phil’s better half to get her prescription filled for bioidentical hormones. They meet with Sharon, the owner of Central Pharmacy, who shows them her compounding lab, which custom-blends each customer’s prescriptions.

Sharon Steen, owner of the Central Pharmacy, explains the quality control measures that her company uses. “We have specially trained staff that go and learn how to compound. They learn how to use the equipment. We have standard operating procedures,” she says. “It’s important to have what we call the triad, which is the pharmacist/doctor/patient relationship.”

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The Oprah Winfrey Show: Dr. Oz Visits Central Pharmacy

Dr. Oz travels to Central Pharmacy in Santa Monica, California, to see how compounding pharmacies differ from traditional pharmacies. For the past 15 years, Sharon Steen, the owner, has been in the business of bioidenticals, her pharmacy's specialty.

"We do regular, prescription-type medicine, but what we do mostly now is prescription compounding, which is making our own prescription into different forms such as creams, capsules, suppositories and the like," Sharon says. "We do that here in our compounding lab."

Since compounding pharmacies are not regulated by the FDA, Sharon says some of the controversy may stem from concerns about quality-control. "Some people that question compounding pharmacies may not be really confident that the product that they're getting is what the doctor [has] written," she says.

Doctors do turn to places like Central Pharmacy when they need a medication or a dosage that's not commercially available, Sharon says. To complete these individualized prescriptions, Sharon and her team mix hormones—shipped to them in powder form—with basic moisturizing cream. Then, the mixture is put through an "ointment mill," which crushes the hormone particles so they blend smoothly with the cream.

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