Frequently asked questions


Do you offer parking at your pharmacy?
Yes! There is free parking behind our building in designated spaces. You can enter the parking lot off of 20th street. Please enter through the pharmacy main doors on Wilshire Blvd as there is no rear (parking lot) entry.

There are 4 parking spots for the Pharmacy only and about a dozen more that we share with our neighbors at Farrah's Florist and other tenants. Do NOT parking in the reserved spots for the Physical Therapy business next door - they WILL TOW YOU!!  
There are usually a few metered spots on Wilshire directly in front of the store too!

What are your hours?
We are open Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm. We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays and ALL major holidays.

I don’t live close to your pharmacy, can you ship my prescription to me?
Yes, we can! Not only can we ship traditional medications and compounded medications, but we also offer shipping for refrigerated medications (they will be sent on ice!)  

We offer a variety of shipping services:
First class mail $4.75
Priority mail $8 (these rates are subject to price increases by the USPS).
UPS and FedEx are dependent on your area zip code.

Please keep in mind if you choose to send your prescription via priority or first class mail, we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages as they are in the hands of the post office once they leave our premises. 

Do you have a local delivery service?
Sorry… at this time we currently do not have a local service to deliver your prescription. We ARE able to ship your prescription to you via USPS, UPS, or FedEx, and we offer overnight delivery if you have an urgent need.

¿Hablas español?  Can you help me in any languages other than English?
Yes! Between all of our staff members, we are able to assist you in English, Spanish, Farsi, and Tagalog.

Do you offer any promotions?
Yes! Every month we have a supplement sale on different brands of vitamins. Please see our promotion page for our most recent sale.

Do you have an email newsletter I can sign up for?
Yes! Please fill out this form to receive important health tips, promotions, and news from Central Pharmacy



Can you fill my traditional prescription at your pharmacy, or do you only offer compounded medications?
We are definitely able to fill your traditional doctor-prescribed medications in our pharmacy in addition to any compounded medications you may need. Furthermore, we have many over-the-counter medications, high quality supplements, first aid items, and much more at our pharmacy!

*Please ask if we accept your insurance plan. We do not accept all plans due to very low reimbursements.

My medication bottle says “no refills” but I need another refill. What do I do?
Give us a call at (310) 395-3294 or send us a message online and we can call your doctor to request more refills. Alternatively, you also can call your doctor and ask him/her to send more refills to our pharmacy.

I have an emergency!---I ran out of pills, it’s Friday, and you are closed on the weekend… what do I do??
Don’t worry, we offer overnight shipping and can get you your prescription refill be Saturday if you need! Call us ASAP at (310) 395-3294.


My prescription is currently at a different pharmacy and I want to transfer it to your pharmacy. What do I do?
It’s very easy! Give our pharmacy a call at (310) 395-3294 and supply us with your name, prescription number, prescription name and dosage, and pharmacy phone number (where the prescription is currently located) and we can call that pharmacy and transfer your prescription over to Central Pharmacy.

How long will you hold my prescription?
We will hold your prescription on our shelves for two weeks. We will first call you when your prescription is ready, then give you a reminder call one week later, but after two weeks your prescription will go back into our stock.

**Please note that if you’ve ordered a special compounded medication, you will be charged a $20 re-stocking fee if you do not pick up your prescription within two weeks.

I have a specific vitamin or supplement I’d like to buy… can you place a special order for me?
Absolutely! Call our pharmacy today at (310) 395-3294 and tell us what brand/item you’d like to order.

I have a refrigerated medication… can you ship it to me?
Yes! We can send you your refrigerated medications shipped on ice. Additionally, if you pick up a refrigerated medication in person, we offer ice along with your prescription as well.

Do you accommodate for vegetarian/vegan needs?
Yes! We offer veggie capsules by request.

I have am allergic and/or sensitive to certain medications, creams, or ingredients. How can you help?
We offer paraben free, gluten free, and/or natural preservative bases for any sensitivities or allergies you may have. We also may able to blend your medication into your OWN cream or lotion you already use and love.  Please talk to a staff member today for more information.


Do you test your compounding medications for potency?
DEFINITELY. It is extremely important that our customers always receive the proper medication dosage in their compounds. Even though many compounding pharmacies actually do NOT test their medications due to the costly price tag to do so, it is a MANDATORY step at Central Pharmacy to regularly send random samples to a testing laboratory in Houston, TX for potency testing.

What do you charge for compounded medications?
Obviously all medications will differ in price depending on the type and quantity, but in general our compounded medications are competitively priced with other compounding pharmacies.

We DO offer bulk pricing discounts usually if you purchase a three-month supply or more. Please ask one of our staff members about your specific prescription to find out if the cost would be less expensive for more than a one-month’s supply at a time.

**Please note: If you place a compounded order with us and then change your mind after we have made it for you, you will be charged a $20 re-stocking fee.

I am interested in seeing a doctor about hormone replacement therapy. Would you be able to recommend a doctor who specializes in this field?
Yes! Please see our links page for several local doctors who excel in hormone replacement therapy. If you are still unsure please feel free to call us for another recommendation.

Can my topical medication (such as a cream, lotion, etc.) transfer to other people or animals if my skin comes in contact with them?
Yes! If you apply a cream or lotion with a drug mixed into it, you MUST wash your hands thoroughly before touching another person or animal, as these topical medications can be toxic to others!  If you will be physically interacting and/or touching other adults, small children, or pets, we recommend that you apply your topical medication to an area that will have no contact with others, such as your abdomen, buttocks, inner thigh, or side of the body. Aim to rub the solution into your skin thoroughly before putting on tight fitting clothing, as you may otherwise inadvertently lose some of the medication on your clothing.

How long will my Topi-Click last?
There are 120 clicks in a 30gm Topi-Click dispensing device and we typically overfill them to about 40gm. Therefore, if you use 1 click per day your prescription will last approximately 120 days. If you use 2 clicks per day it will last 60 days, etc. The most economical way for you would be to discuss the prescription concentration with your doctor and get the most concentrated form that will still get good absorption through the skin.

As always, our pharmacists are here to answer questions you may have about your Topi-Click medication. Call (310) 395-3294 if you'd like to speak to one of our pharmacists. Alternatively, you can find out more information about Topi-Click dispensers at or watch some instructional videos on our media page.


I’m a physician - Do you have more information where I can learn about the benefits you offer through compounding?

Yes! Please watch our special video, “Compounding For Physicians.”


For more FAQ about compounding and compounded medications, please see our Compounding page.