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Pets and Marijuana: How Marijuana Can Harm Your Dog or Cat

If you’re a pet owner and a marijuana consumer, you may have wondered if or how the substance could be harmful to your pet. Since nine states currently allow the recreational use of marijuana and another 29 states have legalized medical marijuana, the risk for marijuana toxicity in pets has increased significantly in recent years.

Marijuana toxicity can require hospitalization, so if you think your pet has ingested marijuana, it’s important you contact a veterinarian immediately!

Some of the negative affects of marijuana consumption in dogs include agitation, sedation, changes in breathing patterns, significant drop in body temperature, mental depression, sedation, and the risk of coma.

In the following video, Dr. Adam Eatroff of ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospitals explains common ways dogs gain exposure to marijuana, complications of marijuana toxicity, and treatment options for animals that have been exposed to marijuana.